3 for Me Thursdays


Thursday Evenings


7:30 - 8:30 PM

ohmMother Yoga has created a new way for women to practice yoga and spend time on and for themselves.


3 for Me Thursdays


Once a month we will hold Three Women's Yoga classes on Three Thurdays in a row. Our first session runs from January 18th - February 1st.

How to Sign up?

Choose from one of the options below, whichever is most convenient for your individual schedule and budget:

  • 3 for Me Class Pack - $45 for 3 classes, expires in 50 days
  • Drop in class- $16
  • 5 Class Pack - $75 for 5 classes, expires in 75 days
  • Unlimited Monthly membership - $65 reoccurring monthly charge

What if I miss a class?

All Women's Yoga class credits, whether purchased through a class pack, drop in or monthly membership, are redeemable at any of our regularly schedules Women's Yoga Classes. We hold Women's Yoga on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. 

Are the classes beginner friendly?

All classes at ohmMother Yoga are beginner friendly and perfect for all levels. Our yoga instructors gear each class specifically for each group of students and continually offer modifications for any and all levels of practice. Visit our Women's Yoga Class Description page to learn more about our Women's Yoga classes.

Please contact us with any questions and purchase your next class for yourself below!