Baby Yoga

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Winter Schedule
January 8th to 27th
February 5th to 24th

Tuesday 10:30 - 11:10 am

$35 - 3 Class Pack
$13 - Drop In

ohmMother Yoga's Baby Yoga class is for babies aged 3 weeks to almost crawling with a care giver. 

Baby Yoga is the perfect way to connect and bond with your beautiful new baby. 

Not only will you get to engage your baby in a fun environment, you will learn poses to calm and soothe your child. You will also learn techniques to help aid your baby's digestion and encourage falling asleep. 

  • Worried about your baby crying? Don't be! Babies cry, we get that.

  • Worried about having to feed your baby during class? Don't be! We support open breast and bottle feeding.

ohmMother Yoga provides you with a safe, judgment free space for you to get out of the house, see other moms and practice a little yoga. 

Please purchase a $13 Drop In or $35 3 Class Pack to attend a Little One's Yoga class