Birth Story Healing Circle

Meetings are held every third Monday from 10 am - 12 pm and are facilitated by Jen Hannah of Healing Birth Trauma

Are there aspects of your birthing experience that you keep replaying in your mind? Things that you continue to question regarding how and why things unfolded as they did? Are you carrying emotional or psychological wounds that are now asking for acknowledgement and healing?

If so, I invite you to a Birth Story Healing Circle—a place of safety, understanding, empowerment, and deep compassion as you sift through the ashes of your experience.

   I invite you to carry your questions and your wounds gently from the darkness and into the light.

   I invite you to into the loving presence of other women with whom you can trust your pain.

   I invite you to a sacred space that is dedicated to you and your healing journey.

Who is this support group for? 

  • Any woman who feels the need to process her birthing experience (no matter how recent or long ago) including the traumatic aspects, and is ready to move forward in her healing. 
  • Children are welcome, ohmMother Yoga has studio and play space for children of all ages

What is a Birth Story Healing Circle?    

  • A peer-led gathering where you will be surrounded by compassion, acceptance, and support as you navigate your inner birth story and your healing journey.
  • An opportunity to look your wounds deeply in the eye—to acknowledge the reality of their existence—so they can release their grip and reveal their gifts.
  • An opportunity to lend your compassion and understanding to other women on their healing paths.
  • An intentional balance between collective experiences and sacred solitude as you process your birthing experience—and whatever trauma you may be carrying from it—and begin your healing work.
  • Components of a Birth Story Healing Circle may include: sharing, deep listening, writing, labyrinth work, art, music, and guided visualization.

What a Birth Story Healing Circle is NOT:

  •    A Miraculous, Instantaneous Cure for Birth Trauma or Postpartum Depression or Anxiety.
  •    A group pity-party or bash-fest.
  •    A comparison of whose birthing experience was “best” or “worst”.
  •    An opportunity to debate which ways of  “doing childbirth” are right/wrong or best/worst.