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Women's Yoga

Yoga has been known to change the lives of the women who practice it - let yoga change yours.

At ohmMother Yoga our focus is to connect your mind with your body, your body with your breath.  Our goal with each practice is to help you create a sense of peace, calm and openness.

Wherever you are in your life, you can practice yoga at ohmMother. You do not have to be a mother to attend Women’s Yoga. Beginners or more experienced students are all welcomed at ohmMother. Keep Reading...

Prenatal Yoga

At ohmMother Yoga you will learn poses to relieve the stresses brought on by carrying a child. Your mind, body and soul will benefit from every practice. You will gain strength and flexibility, not just physically but mentally as well. Whatever your labor experience looks like, your yoga practice will help prepare you for childbirth. You will learn breathing techniques, labor positions and mindfulness practices to help during labor, childbirth and even those first weeks as a new mom.

You’ll soon realize that ohmMother Prenatal isn’t just yoga - it’s a community. At every class you will have the opportunity to share your pregnancy's progress, how you are feeling emotionally and physically, and to connect with women going through the same experience is you. Keep Reading...

baby yoga

Baby Yoga

ohmMother Yoga's Baby Yoga class is for babies aged 3 weeks to almost crawling with a care giver. 

Baby Yoga is the perfect way to connect and bond with your beautiful new baby. 

Not only will you get to engage your baby in a fun environment, you will learn poses to calm and soothe your child. You will also learn techniques to help aid your baby's digestion and encourage falling asleep. Keep Reading...

toddler yoga

Tot Yoga

ohmMother Yoga's Tot Yoga classes are broken up into two different age ranges, keep reading to learn more.

Tot Yoga is a new fun way to engage and be present with your child! 

Though your child may not perfectly practice the poses during class, you will notice they will remember the poses at home. By the third or forth class you will see your toddler participating and going through the yoga practice with ease. Your little yogi will love showing off to you as you call out different poses.  Keep Reading...

ohmMother Yoga 062816 049.jpg

Kids Yoga

ohmMother Yoga's Kids Yoga classes are broken up into two different age ranges, keep reading to learn more. 

If you want your child to participate in a fun, active but non competitive class with their peers, Kids Yoga is what you're looking for. 

Kids Yoga uses stretching, games, songs and traditional yoga poses to practice focus and flexibility. We also begin to introduce the concept of breath, and teach ways to use the breath to calm down. Keeping Reading...

Mother + Baby Yoga

Do you and your baby need to get out of the house? Are you ready to start exercising again after being pregnant? ohmMother Yoga's Mother + Baby Yoga class is perfect for you.

Mother + Baby Yoga is a yoga practice for women who would like to bring their non-mobile baby to class with them. The practice is focused on the woman, with baby being incorporated into some of the poses. Keep Reading...

mother and baby yoga

family yoga

Family Yoga

ohmMother Yoga's Family Yoga is for siblings ages 0-5 with a caregiver

Life may get a little complicated as your family starts to grow, but yoga doesn't have to! 

Family Yoga gives you the opportunity to bring all your children to yoga for a fun, creative way to connect and bond. The class is a blend of all our child yoga classes to offer yoga poses, games and songs for all ages. Keep Reading...


ohmMother Yoga offers a variety of different workshops specifically tailored for our community. 

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Mindful Mother's Book Club

Do you have a stack of books on your bedside table? Despite your best intentions, are you struggling to finish reading them? 

Are you interested in meeting other mothers to discuss parenting, motherhood, marriage, and more in a mindful way?

Crack open those books with the help, accountability and support of a community by joining ohmMother Yoga's Mindful Mother's Book Club. Keep Reading...

mindful mothers book club

Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga

Curious about yoga, but worried you aren’t...

__Fill In Blank__?

Don’t worry, we got this. You aren’t alone.

No yoga experience needed; open mind encouraged. Keep Reading...

support groups

Support Groups

ohmMother Yoga is grateful to have multiple support groups hold their monthly meetings at our studio.

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