Diet Coke + Me: The Love Story, The Break Up

I know, I know. You may be thinking, "Um aren't you a yoga instructor? Aren't you supposed to write about your love for vegetables and how sprouted grains changed your life? Why are you writing about your unhealthy addiction to a chemical laden syrup?"

Well folks, because I like to keep it real. I know the internet is full of yoga instructors who seem to have their lives together, and only eat food they've harvested from their own gardens, whose biggest vice is the extra date they throw in their smoothies. While I am happy for those yoga instructors, I am not them. I am not perfect and today I've decided to shine a light on one of the biggest vices I've finally overcome - my addiction to Diet Coke.

Have you struggled with an unhealthy obsession with Diet Coke too? Keep reading to learn how I finally let it go. 

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Happily After Baby?

Of the countless changes that follow a newborn, I’ve learned our relationships tend to have a
boiling frog effect; nothing really noticeable at first, but over time – we’re both wondering what
went wrong.

My husband and I were friends before lovers and lovers before newlyweds, and eventually
parents. I always thought nagging wives were such a bore and that my husband and I would
never be one of those couples. Lesson number one: never say never ;)

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