Did you know the ohmMother was a blog before it was a yoga studio? Well, now you do. 

Don't believe me? Go to ohmmother.com and see for yourself. I've done my best to redirect anyone who stumbles across it back to the studio's website.... okay, now come back here!

Want to know something else? I really miss the blog!

I created the blog when I was a new mom, "alone" in the city with a newborn. My husband worked and traveled a lot, nearby family had their own busy jobs and children to raise. Basically all my closest friends and family lived hours away, and could only come visit for a few hours before they had to head back to avoid traffic. I longed to call up someone and say "Oh my gosh I need toilet paper, can you drop some off?" When my daughter was 5 months old I found myself sick with a stomach flu while my husband was travelling for work. Which basically means I spent an entire day letting my child watch 'BabyTV'  in her swing while I laid on the couch and tried to keep it together. Stomach flu with a side of screen time guilt. That is only one example of life as a new mom. Needless to say, it was hard.

I know so many moms understand what I'm talking about. To the moms out there raising their babies in different states, even different countries, allow me to lift you up for a moment. You are stronger than you realize. You deserve the absolute biggest round of applause!

Anyways, I found myself using the yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques I knew from being a yoga instructor to combat the overwhelming feelings of isolation I got caught up in from time to time. Connecting to my breath, visualization, flowing through a few yoga poses - they all helped me relax and stay focused. They made every lonely late night, every meltdown for no reason, a little bit easier to get through. Okay... maybe not every one ;) But I really did find myself learning from every struggle I encountered. 

I had an inkling that perhaps I wasn't the only one feeling this way. There had to be more lonely, isolated moms out there looking for a way to get through it all. That's when ohmMother was born.

I didn't start a blog to become some viral, mommy blogger with a Pinterest worthy Instagram feed. I didn't invent any crazy technique, exercise or way of thinking. I just wrote about the lessons I was learning, and how yoga, meditation and mindfulness played a part. 

So often we thing yoga is for beautiful people in California standing on their heads at the beach, or that meditation is only for Monks who have time in their schedules to sit in a cave. We think mindfulness sounds like a great idea, but moms don't have time to be mindful when the baby has pooped all over the crib and the toddler is using diaper cream to paint the walls... again.*

I'm here to tell you, those are lies. Lies you're hearing from society, or lies you're telling yourself. Either way, they are lies. Yoga isn't about standing on your head, it's about connecting back to your Self. Meditation is great for Monks in caves, but it's also great for tired parents standing in the shower. Moms are actually instinctively more mindful than most people because we literally live 'in the moment' everyday. 

Which brings me back to my original point. I miss my blog! I loved connecting these ideas to motherhood. Finding the lesson, the purpose in the day to day. It's there, we just have to find it. 

Yes, I said 'We.' I'm bringing back the blog, but I need your help. Let's do this together.

In case you hadn't figured out who is writing this yet it's Liz, owner of ohmMother Yoga. Owning a studio, teaching yoga, raising babies, attempting to clean my house and fold laundry (hahaha) only leaves only a sliver of time for me to devote to a blog. This is where you come in.

Are you a blogger or writer? Are you thinking about becoming one? (Side note: If you are thinking of becoming one, newsflash, you already are one. Just start writing!) Have you always wanted to write a blog but don't know how, or don't have time to dedicate week after week? Have you been looking for an outlet or waiting for a sign that you should share what is on your heart? Here it is! Here is your chance to share your work with a non-judgmental community of mindful, engaged and compassionate families.

I'll be trying my best to write my own posts consistently, but I'm hoping to at least have one guest blogger a month, depending on the feedback I get from this post. Guest bloggers will be credited as the author, with links to their blog/website/FB page if they have one. All posts will be approved by me (Liz) before getting posted. These posts will be affiliated with my business so I have to make sure they are aligned with our message. Judgmental statements towards the parenting choices or child birth decisions of other families will not be approved. 

Posts can be about whatever is on your heart. Celebrations, struggles. Why you love breastfeeding, why you love formula. Fertility issues, in-law issues. Navigating the journey of going back to work, or healing from childbirth. The gratitude you feel after meeting new moms in a support group. Learning to live with birth trauma, postpartum depression/anxiety or a miscarriage. Do you need a safe space to tell your story? Here is it. 

If there is one thing I learned from having a blog, it's that there is always someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say. There is a mom sitting alone in the dark, scrolling through her phone at 2 AM because the baby refuses to sleep. She is looking for any glimpse of hope that her life isn't over. She needs to hear your words. There is a new dad out there trying to understand why his wife has been so withdrawn ever since their child was born. He doesn't know what to do. He needs to hear your words.  

Your words need to be heard. 

Please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com if you are interested in becoming a guest blogger for ohmMother Yoga. We'd love to have you.


*This is a blog for moms, you know I had to bring poop into it.