Home Sweet Natural Home Birth - Bridget Hedger

Hi Everyone! Are you ready for our second Guest Blogger feature? Local yogi Bridget Hedger is sharing her beautiful birth story with us. I'm planning/hoping to be sharing all sorts of birth stories here on the blog, so please don't skip over this next, little disclaimer. 

ohmMother Yoga supports every single type of birth out there, from no drugs to drugs, in the hospital or at home with supervised care, c-section or vaginal, and of course adoption! We want what is best for you and your baby. We each have our own unique journey through birth and we all deserve to be treated with equal respect. This blog is about sharing our stories, learning from each other and hearing the unique perspectives of our community. No room for judgment here! If you would like to have your birth experience represented, please email studio@ohmMotherYoga and you can share your story on the blog! Namaste - XO Liz

Bridget, is a stay at home, somewhat crunchy mama of an adorable 10 month old baby boy. He is the light of her life. Bridget love all things yoga, and will soon be embarking on a journey in teacher training, soon after that she will be attending pre/postnatal yoga teacher training. She loves to write about the daily life of motherhood on her blog, AMommyNaturally.com because she believes all mothers can relate in some way or another! You can also follow along with her and her incredible yoga inspiration on Instagram @yogibuffcakes. We hope you enjoy her story!

I can’t believe my little Bear is almost 4 months! I intended to start this blog when he was born, but I was having computer issues and it’s finally fixed. Fingers crossed. So, as my first post, I wanted to share my natural home birth story.

My due date was November 10 2015. Baby Bear decided to make his appearance November 11th at 11:41 P.M. On a new moon! Also, on Grandma T’s birthday. It was the most amazing experience ever.

Sunday evening I had started getting some contractions, so I thought it may be a good idea that Mike (my boyfriend) stay home from work on Monday. So Monday comes and goes with contractions coming and going as well, nothing serious enough to be too excited about. Tuesday had been the same, and I remember throwing up that morning. It had pretty much set my appetite off all day. I was supposed to see my midwife around 5pm, but had told her I’d like to come earlier. I strolled into the midwife’s office a little under the weather and defeated after having a few days of inconsistent contractions.

She checked to see if I was dilated or not, and she was seemingly surprised saying, “you’re definitely in labor!” Gee, you think? Those were my thoughts. She had told me I was about 5-6cm dilated and 90% effaced. I left with a smile on my face and some more pep in my step, realizing that those last few days something was actually happening. That it was almost time, and Bear would be here any day. Driving home, I was having contractions every 5 minutes, but by the time I had actually gotten home they had stopped coming so often.

So here comes Wednesday morning, I remember from 8-9 A.M my contractions were pretty strong, lasting about 1 minute, every 5 minutes. I thought that this had to be it, for real this time. So I had Michael call my doula (whose amazing by the way and I’ll post about that later) and tell her to be on her way. She arrived shortly after 10 A.M, and shortly before she arrived, guess what? My contractions stopped, again! I’m not sure it was the lack of food I had eaten over the course of those few days or not, but that’s what I blame it on. She was a good sport about it and kept us company. I tried eating as much as I could and that seemed to help kick things back up. I also realized bouncing on my exercise ball helped them come as well.

Each wave of a contraction was felt and loved on that ball. Yes, I say loved, because I did love them. They were mine. I still remember my doula telling me to feel them and work through them, surrender to them. That I did, there were quite a few that I just remember tears rolling down my face. My doula’s support, telling me to feel the emotions and let them come. I was so happy. I was so connected to baby and body.

Finally we had the midwife’s assistant come and help move things along even further. Forcing me to eat my Portillo’s. Who would ever think I’d have to have help eating something so delicious? You mean I HAVE to eat these cheese fries and chocolate cake shake? I’d then start walking up and down the stairs, squatting once I got to the top, and then again the bottom. Doing some pregnant belly dancing, which got me laughing.

We finished downstairs with some lunges. Things were kind of a blur from there. With more intensity, we called the midwife to come and check how dilated I was, and had my mom come as well. We decided it was a good idea I take a shower, which felt incredible. As the shower was beating on my head and belly, I heard the commotion of my mom and midwife arriving outside the bathroom door. I had Michael in there with me keeping me company while my guests started to fill the birthing tub. I was in my own world, feeling every contraction that came.

After finishing in the shower, we headed to our bedroom where our tub was set up. I sat on my ball again working through each contraction. The next thing I remember my midwife had wanted me to be on all fours on my bed. This is when things really started to happen. I believe this is after she had to break my water bag. Like I said, all a bit of a blur. It was hot in the room, so we opened the window a bit. I remember it was storming out. It was so perfect.

The contractions were super intense at this point and I had no idea what was happening, I just kept getting the urge to push, but everyone telling me not yet. I was in the room at this point with Michael, my doula and my mom. I’m so glad my mom was there to help me through and experience such an amazing thing along side me. After awhile on my bed, I had told Michael, I think it’s time to push. So he grabbed my midwife and in she strolled, checking to see what was going on. She quickly said, “Oh, yes it’s time, his head is right there, feel it” I reached around, and sure enough there was his head. We almost didn’t make it to the water in time!

I climbed into the birthing tub, and again got onto all fours. From there I started to push. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing at that point. I wasn’t in there for long, everything happened so fast. It was just me and baby at that point. Pushing him out and awaiting his sweet arrival. There he was on my chest, before I knew it. I was in shock. I actually did it. Not once did the thought, “I can’t do this,” cross my mind.  All the meditating and expectations had finally come true.

Baby Bear was born at 9 pounds 10 ounces earthside on such a beautiful, stormy night. He was beautiful and healthy. I got my home birth I always dreamed of. I truly believe the help of my doula and all the yoga I did helped me have such an amazing home birth.