The Tale of Two OHMs

As many of you know, before I opened the yoga studio I ran a blog, ohmMother. I decided to carry the name with me for the studio, since the inspiration for them both is the same. My blog, and the studio, were both created as a way to unite yoga and mindfulness to the motherhood experience. You can read a full description as to why I chose “ohmMother” and what the ohmMother mission is here on our website.

Before you open a business you are required to file certain documents with your state, city and county to approve your business name, license etc. I took all those appropriate steps and luckily there wasn’t another business named ohmMother so I was allowed to open up shop.

About six months after opening I received a phone call from a local business owner named Sheri who introduced herself to me as the owner of OHM. Her OHM stands for “Optimal Health Modalities” - the name of her massage and energy therapy center in West Dundee.

It was honestly one of those out-of-body moments where I still can almost see myself standing in my kitchen talking to her. I learned that she has been a business owner in the Village of West Dundee for over ten years. Her practice is within a four minute drive of the studio, and yes, I had no idea she existed.

In case you were wondering, yes I did Google ‘ohmMother’ before choosing it. I also searched the Illinois Secretary of State database to see if there were any other businesses named ‘ohmMother’, there aren’t.

You also might be wondering why this even matters since our businesses are different. It doesn’t technically matter in the day to day operation of our businesses, but it is creating a slight bit of confusion for Sheri’s clients. Our big window at the studio is separated into three sections, requiring us to separate the words of our logo into ohm-Mother-Yoga. Sheri has had a few clients ask her if she has moved. With her business literally being a few minutes from our studio it is inevitable that her clients would drive past our sign.

Obviously I cannot change our business name, or our sign, but out of respect to a local, female business owner who has been in the area and part of the community much longer than I have, I wanted to acknowledge the similarity. As well as clear up any confusion between the massage offered at OHM and the massage services offered through Hands on Massage & Bodywork at the ohmMother Yoga studio.

I am blessed to have Carol Hayes of Hands on Massage & Bodywork seeing her clients in her beautiful massage room at our studio. Carol and Sheri, while both massage therapists, specialize in different areas.

Carol’s work is focused on Swedish Massage, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, Infant & Newborn Massage Instruction, the Arvigo® Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage, along with Reflexology and Nutritional Counseling. You can learn more about Carol at her website,

Sheri of OHM’s specialties are Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Neuromuscular Massage, Myofascial Release Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, Manual Lymphatic Massage, Structural and Functional Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, and Frozen Shoulder Technique. You can learn more about Sheri at her website,

Sheri and I have had the opportunity to speak over the phone and face to face. She is a lovely, understanding person and I appreciate her bringing this to my attention. In the spirit of supporting one another I hope everyone can understand my desire to be honest and shed some light on this situation. Hopefully highlighting our businesses in this way will clear up any confusion in the community.

Thank you so much and Namaste.