Vaginal Steam Bath: My Experience

Remember (like over a month ago) when I said I was going to be posting about my experience getting a vaginal steam from Carol of Hands on Massage & Bodywork? Well here we are, over a month later, and I’m just now posting about my experience getting a vaginal steam from Carol of Hands on Massage & Bodywork. Sorry Carol! I hope you all enjoy my point of view, please reach out to Carol with any questions! 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in for the steam. Beforehand I googled “Vaginal Steam” and a lot of articles about Gwyneth Paltrow came up. After a bit of scrolling I was actually able to find a handful of first hand accounts from women who had the steam. Overwhelmingly every woman who had it said they would do it again. I figured that was a good sign and any uneasiness I felt subsided.

As far as scheduling the appointment went, Carol told me to set the appointment for a couple days after my period ended. The day I got my period I texted Carol and we picked a day about a week or so in the future. I then proceeded to text all of my friends to confirm that, yes, this was happening.

The steam can be added to any massage appointment and is specifically beneficial to add to the Arvigo Mayan Massage Carol specializes in. As I noted in the previous post I am not in the process of trying to get pregnant, so I only went in to experience the steam.

The day of the steam I taught two kids classes, ran out to grab a quick lunch and came back to the studio to meet Carol. Honestly, it felt very strange to be going into the studio and NOT work.

Carol gave me the run-down on what was going to happen, what I needed to do etc. She asked if I had any questions and I half jokingly inquired if I could bring my cell phone in with me to answer emails. She gave me a look I definitely deserved then replied with a solid, no.

If you’ve never been in Carol’s massage room before, it is seriously a sanctuary. I took classes for almost a year at Radiant Heart before ever seeing Carol’s room. The very first thought I had after finally peaking inside her door was, “Oh my gosh - is this what I’ve been missing!?” If there is any place where I would feel comfortable getting a vaginal steam, or even a massage for that matter, it’s in Carol’s massage room.

Carol walked in with me and showed me where I would be sitting. It is a very clean, modern looking seat. The room was dark so I didn’t exactly look inside, but I could smell the herbs she had placed in there before I arrived. Carol described a bit about the seat, and demonstrated how to turn the steam down if I needed to - very easy. She had sheets and blankets laid out for me to drape over my legs, as well as a cloak/cape type thing that you slip over yourself to keep the steam from escaping your body.

Obviously to get a vaginal steam you have to take off your pants and underwear. Sorry if that is TMI, but then again you are reading a post about a vaginal steam so I’m guessing TMI doesn’t bother you. The good news is you get to keep whatever top you’re wearing and your socks on - yay! If you are like me and always cold, you understand why this is an important thing to note. Gotta keep those feet warm!

Carol leaves the room before you undress and once she leaves you’re on your own.

The steam itself was gentle and warm. It honestly just felt like sitting on steam, if that makes sense. From the few reviews I read online I couldn’t get the sense of what really happens. Does the steam came out in a stream like a facial steamer, or was it like a sitz bath? I wasn’t sure. So I was pleasantly surprised that it really just feels like a warm cloud of steam that builds underneath you as you sit. It never got too hot, I never felt uncomfortable, it was perfectly nice and easy.

The being on your own part is what took me a minute or two or five to get use to. Now I meditate, but that is either right after I wake up or in the evenings, never in the middle of my day. Usually at this point in the afternoon I’m either meeting someone, running errands, running after my children or going cross eyed in front of my computer. I definitely had to make a conscious effort to calm my mind down. Once I did though, it was incredible.

I’ve always heard that 20 minute naps are considered power naps. That just falling asleep for 20 minutes is all you need to recharge and get motivated for the rest of your day. Personally, I am not a nap gal. But sitting there alone, in a dimly lit, zen filled room was calming and energizing. All the beneficial reasons to get a vaginal steam aside, getting a chance to be still and relax for 20 minutes on your own is reason enough to have this experience. I was honestly disappointed when I looked at the clock and realized I only had a few minutes left.

As far as any concerning side effects afterwards, there were none. No discharge, no odor, no pain. No issues with intercourse or with my period when it came a month later.

As far as problems a vaginal steam can help solve, there are many.  Woman struggling through infertility, experiencing menstruation issues, fibroids, ovarian cysts or endometriosis are all encouraged to learn about getting a vaginal steam. Even if you are in the middle of infertility treatments, Carol will schedule your appointment to line up perfectly with any other procedures you may be currently going through.

All in all, it was an extremely positive experience. I would recommend it regardless of if you think you ‘need’ it or not, and especially if you are curious.

Don’t be too shy to reach out to Carol with any questions, but if you are - she is always available by email or text! Visit to learn more about Carol and all the other personalized experiences she offers. I am grateful to have her energy and expertise at the studio.

Thank you Carol for letting me be your guinea pig, until next time!


PS If there are any other treatments or experiences you think I should try, let me know in the comments below!