Switching Back to Sessions

Hello ohmMother Families -

We are making a slight switch to the way our Little One’s Classes run, and I wanted to provide some clarity.

When we first opened I ran a 5 or 6 Week Session of the Little One’s Classes. During that time I ran into a few hiccups that led me to make the decision to end holding sessions. Instead I began to run every class weekly, offering Drop In, Class Pack and Membership Rates.

Running things this way had its pros and cons. Looking back over the past year I have learned from the cons and feel confident switching back to the session format is best.

Our new studio space in Algonquin is set up a bit differently than the space in West Dundee, in a good way. Holding sessions will allow us to provide the most consistent and comfortable class sizes every week.

In order to accommodate the way our community takes yoga classes, ohmMother Yoga will be returning to the session format for Little One’s Yoga classes.

What does this look like?

  • Registration will open up for the next session about a month in advance.

  • Sessions will typically be 5 weeks, with adjustments being made for holidays.

  • Drop Ins will be available *only if the session does not fill up* - there will be a maximum number of students allowed per class.

    • If there is space, - there will be a sign up function for that class on the website.

    • If a class is full  - there will not be a sign up function for that class on the website.

  • A 5 Week Session will cost $60

  • The credits can be interchangeable if you’d like to attend (for example) Tot Yoga one week and Family Yoga the next - please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com to let us help you sign up for the correct classes.

  • If you miss a class you are invited to make up the credit at any of our other Little One’s Yoga classes in the current session, or the following session. Credits will expire after the following session. Please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com if you need to register for a make up class.

  • We will continue to run our weekly classes for the month of August to ensure anyone with a current class pack can use up their credits.

The first 5 Week Session will run from August 29th to October 2nd.

Registration is now open!

Visit our Tot Yoga, Baby Yoga, Family Yoga or Mother + Baby Yoga pages to register.

Please reach out to studio@ohmMotherYoga.com with any questions, I look forward to seeing you and your little ones and the studio soon! XO Liz