Corporate Yoga


What is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate Yoga is an effective way to bring mind and body wellness to the workplace. As more businesses begin to realize the importance of overall well-being, we are here to provide yoga for their hardworking employees. Corporate Yoga is a unique opportunity to show your employees how much you appreciate them and support their growth.

The benefits of Corporate Yoga include:

  • Lowered stress levels
  • Overall change in workplace morale
  • Increased productivity and concentration
  • A moment of fun and relaxation before, during or after a busy work day
  • Team building, bonding and connection


Pricing is broken down into three factors:

  1. Travel - How far away your workplace is from our studio
  2. Supplies - We will gladly provide yoga mats, blocks, straps and a speaker for music for an additional fee. 
  3. Number of Participants - How many people we will be participating in the class

Please email for a more pricing information and to plan your next Corporate Yoga event!

ohmMother Yoga is also available to lead large corporate community events, please contact us for more information.