Family Yoga

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Summer Schedule
August 12th - 30th
Autumn Schedule
September 9th - 27th
October 7th - 25th
November 8th - 29th (skipping 9/22)

Thursday 10:30 - 11:10 am
Sunday 9:30 - 10:10 am

$35 - 3 Class Pack
$13 - Drop In

ohmMother Yoga's Family Yoga is for siblings ages 0-5+ with a caregiver. Our Sunday morning Tot + Family Yoga class is for Tots + Siblings with one caregiver. 

Life may get a little complicated as your family starts to grow, but yoga doesn't have to! 

Family Yoga gives you the opportunity to bring all your children to yoga for a fun, creative way to connect and bond. The class is a blend of all our child yoga classes to offer yoga poses, games and songs for all ages. 

At ohmMother Yoga we understand babies cry and toddlers are, well, toddlers, so we have no expectations for our Family Yoga class - except to have fun! Family Yoga is the perfect time for you to take a break from life's distractions, relax, and be a little silly with your little ones.

In order to keep up with your older children, please bring a carrier for any child under 6 months of age. Thank you!

ohmMother Yoga is a safe, judgment free space. We support open breast and bottle feeding. 

Please purchase a $13 Drop In or $35 3 Class Pack to attend a Little One's class.