How do I register for classes?

  • Visit our Schedule page and find the class you'd like to attend on our calendar. Click "Sign Up & Pay" under the corresponding class and follow the prompts to register.
  • Please Note - registrations for Women's and Prenatal Yoga are required in advance. 
    • If you have purchased a Drop In, Class Pack or Monthly Membership - please register online 1 hour before class starts.
    • If you are attending class for the first time for free - please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com at least 1 hour before class starts.

Do you have yoga mats to use?

  • Yes! ohmMother Yoga is happy to offer yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets for our community to use for free. You are also welcome to bring your own yoga mat and props if you would like to. 

How do your Little One's Yoga Sessions run?

  • Our Little One's Yoga sessions are 3 weeks long.

  • Cost is $13 to Drop In or $35 for a 3 Week Class Pack to attend a Little One's Yoga class. Credits do not expire.

  • Pre-registration is appreciated. If you are attending your first class for free - please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com before class. 

  • The credits can be interchangeable if you’d like to attend (for example) Tot Yoga one week and Family Yoga the next.

  • If you miss a class you are invited to make up the credit at any of our other Little One’s Yoga classes in the future.  Credits will not expire but we encourage you to redeem your credit ASAP :)  

For Women's and Prenatal Yoga - What is the difference between a Class Pack and Membership?

  • Class Packs are available to receive discounted pricing per class. We are proud to offer our Class Packs with NO expiration date. Any credits you purchase through a Class Pack will remain on your account until you can use them, they will never expire. 
  • Monthly Memberships are available to receive the best price per class. You may attend an unlimited amount of classes per month. Your membership will automatically renew and your CC will be charged every month until you end your membership. Please email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com to cancel your membership *before* your credit card is charged. We are not able to offer partial refunds. 

What happens to my credits if I miss a class?

  • If you or your child are currently sick, or have been sick within the past 24 hours, we kindly ask you stay home to limit the spread of germs. If you miss a class due to illness, your credit will be added back to your account. 
  • If you have to miss classes due to bed rest or maternity leave, we will work with you to put your package/membership on hold and apply remaining credits to any class on our schedule once you are able to attend classes again.

What is your refund policy?

  • Please notify ohmMother Yoga within 24 hours of a workshop if you will not be attending. No refund will be issued if a workshop is missed or cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours notice, payment can be used as a studio credit for future workshops. 
  • ohmMother Yoga cannot offer partial refunds. If class credits are not used they will remain on your account for future use.  

Do you offer trial classes?

  • Are you new to our studio? We invite you to try your first class for free! Email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com to redeem.
  • Are you already a current student? We would love you to bring a friend to class for free! Email studio@ohmMotherYoga.com to redeem. 
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to participate in our monthly Free Class Giveaways.

Can I bring family to watch my child do yoga?

  • There is space in our lobby for family members to watch our Little One's Yoga classes. Please know ohmMother Yoga is a safe, judgment free space. We support open breast and bottle feeding.

Can a father/grandparent/nanny attend with my child?

  • Absolutely! We welcome children with any form of caregiver. Please know ohmMother Yoga is a safe, judgment free space. We support open breast and bottle feeding.

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