Fertility Yoga

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$16 - Women's Yoga Drop In
$75 - Women's Yoga 5 Class Pack (Expires 75 days after purchase)
$145 - Women's Yoga 10 Class Pack (Expires 150 days after purchase)
$65/month - Women's Yoga Monthly Membership

Monday 6:00 - 7:15 pm

Fertility Yoga at ohmMother Yoga is the perfect way to relax and calm your body as your prepare for pregnancy. The Fertility Yoga practice will focus on poses that promote blood flow, detoxify your body, mind and spirit, and also stimulate the functions that support your reproductive system. 

Our Fertility Yoga is a gentle practice. We are more concerned with mental clarity and peace than strength and physical fitness. You will learn techniques to help you connect with your breath and quiet your mind while reducing emotional and hormonal stress. When you are able to quiet your mind, you can focus more clearly on listening to your body. 

ohmMother Yoga does not require a formal medical release to practice Fertility Yoga with us, but we do encourage speaking to your doctor about practicing yoga if you are undergoing fertility treatments.