Lisa Young

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Lisa is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor who stumbled upon yoga while on the pursuit for personal growth. When Lisa was first introduced to yoga almost a decade ago, she didn't really understand the deeper meaning of yoga. It wasn't until a few years ago when Lisa needed something more in her life that she gave yoga another chance. When she stepped on the mat, something felt different the second time around. Maybe it was wisdom or life experiences, but Lisa started to understand yoga as more than just a physical practice. Although the physical results of power and vinyasa yoga continues to bring her back to the mat, she has come to enjoy the gentler, mindfulness side of yoga. Yin yoga was first introduced to Lisa at the studio where she completed her 200 hour teacher training. After taking one class of yin, she started to love the suppleness of the practice. She finds combining flow with yin to be best in allowing the body and mind to tickle into a deeper connection.

Join Lisa for her Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga Workshop here.