Liz Gregerson

After first being introduced to yoga in 2005, and being a dedicated student for almost a decade, Liz followed her passion for the practice and became a certified yoga instructor in 2013.  Liz attended the 200 Hour (Yoga Alliance RYS) Nature Yoga teacher training at Reach Yoga, led by Paul Weitz, Mark Lerro and Erica Rumpel. Liz's teaching style is Hatha and Vinyasa inspired, taking care to bring the mind to our body's movements through each pose. By blending breath and intention Liz aims to offer students the opportunity to forget the stresses of the day and achieve some inner peace. 

Liz has always felt called to the prenatal practice. Before having children Liz was given the opportunity to chose a special focus in her yoga teacher training, Liz chose Prenatal Yoga. With the information she learned in her training she felt confident continuing her yoga practice through two pregnancies. During her second pregnancy Liz was lucky enough to practice under the incredible guidance of the Nichole Churchill at Radiant Heart Yoga. She has also attended The Pregnant Practice with the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga at Moksha Yoga. 

Liz's other interests include mindfulness, meditation and spirituality.  When she's not at the studio you can find her at home, chasing after her two adorable little kids with her husband Scott. 

The ohmMother Yoga Story 

Soon after becoming a yoga teacher Liz found out she was pregnant with her first child, her daughter Gigi. When Gigi was born Liz and her husband lived in the city, hours away from her closest family and friends. Liz began applying the meditation and yoga techniques she was trained in to the combat the feelings of isolation and anxiety that come with caring for a newborn baby on your own. She eventually decided to share these ideas with the internet and started a blog, ohmMother. She thought that since yoga and mindfulness were helping her so much on the journey of becoming a parent, maybe it would help others too.

Eventually Liz and her family moved back to the suburbs where she grew up and Liz became pregnant with her second child, her son Zeke. During her pregnancy she started attending prenatal yoga at Radiant Heart Yoga, the studio that once occupied the space where  ohmMother Yoga now exisits. Liz was amazed at what a difference practicing at RHY made in her pregnancy. It wasn't just about the yoga, as she had practiced yoga during her first pregnancy, it was the community. She met women in the same stages of pregnancy who were going through the same things. Every class became like a mini support group. After they all had their babies, Liz would see the women at Postpartum and Baby Yoga classes. The studio, and the women who practiced there, meant so much to Liz during the crucial time of having a child. She knew it was a special place. 

A few months after her son's birth Liz had the desire to transition into teaching yoga again. She reached out to RHY's owner Nichole to see if she ever needed an extra yoga instructor. Little did she know that Nichole was going through a transition of her own. Nichole's family was getting ready to move out of state and she was looking for someone to take over the space. After a lot of soul searching, Liz and her husband Scott decided to take a leap of faith and open up ohmMother Yoga. Running a yoga studio is the perfect blend of Liz's passion and strengths, as all of her previous work experience involved managing and operating different small businesses. 

ohmMother Yoga is the manifestation of everything Liz wanted to bring to the women on the internet with her blog. Coupled with giving women the experience of practicing yoga together and sharing their lives, it really is Liz's dream come true.  She is so grateful to have the opportunity to hold a safe space for women and their families to come together. Liz firmly believes a group of women sitting in a room sharing their hearts is a powerful thing, and it just might change the world.