Mom's Group Night Out

moms group night out

ohmMother Yoga is dedicated to making yoga accessible and affordable for women in our community. We know how hard it can be to afford weekly classes, let alone find the time in our busy schedules to actually make it to a studio!

We also understand how important our 'Mom Friends' are in our lives. Many times we find ourselves online talking to moms we haven't even met but are connected to by the similar season of life we find ourselves in. As valuable as that online communication is, deep down we know spending real time together as women and adults is fun, important and absolutely necessary to our well-being.

That is why ohmMother Yoga is proud and excited to offer a new opportunity for online Mom Group members to spend time together, meet face to face and get a little relaxation in yoga.

With our special Mom's Group Night Out promotion you can get your friends together to pick a time that works for everyone and take advantage of our per person discount. The more friends to join, the more of a discount. Please keep in mind our weekly scheduled classes are $16 so even with only 2 to 3 friends, this is an amazing offer!

  • ohmMother Yoga has all the yoga props you will need to practice, including mats, at no extra charge. If you have your own mat or props you are welcome to bring them! 
  • Your class will be one hour and your group can decide the type of practice you would like - beginner, restorative, meditative, flow etc.

To schedule your event please email with a few dates and times your group has in mind. We will then work together to reserve your spot and accommodate your group. The maximum number we can accommodate for a group is 9, minimum is 2. 

Please contact us with any questions, we look forward to holding space for your Mom Group soon!