Molly Hillig Rodriguez, RN, BSN, MPH


From Molly:

"I love life and feel fulfilled when those around me are successful. My personal dedication is to share my knowledge of relationships, dating, and living a radiant life. My belief is, if we dedicate ourselves to a deeper yearning and are not afraid to make mistakes, then we create the relationships we want. When we have great relationships with ourselves, our home and work performance thrives and as a result, our communities thrive. I understand the biology, physiology, and psychology behind strong and healthy relationships, it is more than just 'communication.' In my dating and relationship past, the world of love was scary and I didn’t have the tools to navigate. I was drawn more toward to the pain and resentment instead of love. I was a point I needed to start looking at myself and stop blaming others."

Molly decided to become a coach to learn more about herself and how humans can change through coaching. Molly was able to recognize the belief and behavioral systems that hold humans back from what they want - love and connection. Today, Molly lives a radiant relationship with herself and husband in Chicagoland. They just had their first son.

Molly has developed and hosted 7 international retreats structured around the empowerment of personal relationships. Her professional experience includes relationship coaching, Salsa dancing, nursing, and public health. Molly is bilingual and has traveled to 15 countries. She brings the best of her energy and expertise to every event. She uses humor and movement to engage her audience. When she is not working or on the dance floor, she is hiking or pulling weeds in her garden.