C'mon Pretty Mama: Relax with Nancy May

Sunday December 10th
11:30 - 1:00 PM

$25 - Single Pass
$45 - Double Pass

We are thrilled to be hosting this gentle yoga workshop experience with Nancy May!

Grab your Mom, Sister, Aunt or Best Friend for a gentle yoga practice. This class will help you relax your mind, restore your body and connect with your loved one.

This workshops will be led by Nancy May of Yoga from the Heart.  Her unique yoga teaching style is accessible for all ages and all levels of practice. Please reach out with any questions!

Attend alone or with a friend for a small discount, we hope to see you there - Namaste.


About Nancy May:

Nancy May has been teaching Hatha yoga since 1999 and brings her unique and heart-felt yoga skills to all ages (5-87) throughout the United States. She serves people internationally, having lived and trained in California and Illinois. Her teaching style comes from her extensive own experience, courage and commitment to change and align her first -- she is  compassionate, gentle, challenging and adds a fun sense of humor to her class. Learn more about Nancy at YogaFromtheHeart.org