Cheryl Mostowski

Cheryl began her career in the fitness industry because of an injury. After exhausting nearly all methods of traditional medicine, she was introduced to Pilates and was able to experience firsthand just what core strength could do to help people with unresolved pain.

Although a paralegal by profession, she felt called to become a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor in order to help people in their journey to wellness.

A few years later, Cheryl encountered a new client who totally had a protruding belly and bulge, and recognized this client could not be properly trained with Pilates methods as she had the symptoms of a diastasis. This is when Cheryl found the Tupler Technique® online, and with research worked with and encouraged her client to use the Technique as an alternative to surgery. With results within a few short weeks, Cheryl knew she needed to train with Julie Tupler as diastasis is epidemic in our culture.

Since her training with Julie Tupler, Cheryl has sought further education in Women’s Health and gone on to train with Bellies, Inc. in Toronto Canada and Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team, in Camas Washington which has rounded out her education with functional integration of the core into all of daily life. The last missing piece was postpartum incontinence, and her training in this area came from the Women’s Health Foundation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Cheryl is passionate about educating Moms in how to understand their own anatomy, while they properly find, strengthen, and use their muscles and bodies as they were designed to be strong for the daily stresses of life!