ohmMother Yoga

 uniting the mind + body + spirit to motherhood

ohm (om): The vibration of the Universe. When used with three letters, symbolizes a trinity; the connection of mind/body/spirit. Used in yoga and meditation to feel centered and grounded.

Mother: A female parent, one who looks after a child kindly and protectively. 

Yoga: To yoke, to unite, to bind.

ohmMother Yoga is a yoga studio dedicated to women, pregnant women, and their children.  Our aim is to use yoga, meditation and mindfulness as a tool to navigate being a woman and a mother. By introducing yoga to our children we learn to connect with them in a fun, new way. 

ohmMother Yoga is more than a yoga studio - we are a community. In every class you will find women sharing moments, experiences, struggles and joys. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, healthy way to exercise during your pregnancy or looking for a way to connect with other women going through similar experiences, you will find what you are looking for at ohmMother Yoga.

We firmly believe practicing yoga as a mother will enhance your relationship with your children, partner, and most importantly, your self. 

Our hope is that women, pregnant women and new mothers will feel less alone, less overwhelmed or less insecure after coming to ohmMother Yoga.  For what are we put on this Earth to do if not to lift each other up?

We hope to see you soon, Namaste.