Prenatal Core Workshop

Rescheduled for Saturday September 23rd
11 AM - 1 PM

Core work is not only for rehabbing your tummy after you’ve had a baby, it’s important for you (and baby!) while you are pregnant!

Just as in Postpartum Core Rehab we find, strengthen and learn to use our abdominal muscles in everything we do – it’s no different when you are pregnant – sometimes even more vital!

In this class we will learn:

  • Anatomy of the abdominals
  • The role of the transverse abdominis muscle in pregnancy
  •  What is diastasis recti?
  • How can diastasis affect not only your pregnancy, but also your labor and delivery
  • What is your core?
  • The importance of core strength during pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Splinting during pregnancy* – When, why and how. Differences between our splints and other binders.

We will also learn exercises to strengthen your abs to...

  1. Hold baby up and in optimal fetal alignment prenatally
  2. Prevent any diastasis from growing larger
  3. Help your tummy not stretch into that “torpedo” shape
  4.  Help with back, SI, and pelvic pain

*Cheryl will also have her Tummy Team designed splints available for fitting and purchase.