Reconnecting with Me - The Potential of Motherhood

Satuday June 17th
6:30 - 8:30 pm

Ever wonder how a mother lion protects her cubs in the wild? She always feeds herself first before her cubs to stay strong and agile.

As mothers, we forget to do this...

We receive many messages, judgments, and influences from our environment saying mothers need to put themselves last.

In this interactive workshop, you will take a new VIEW of your life and learn:

  • Enrichment, love & laughter techniques
  • The process of reconnecting with you
  • How to identify and learn about your own needs again
  • How to cultivate your potential
  • The benefits of participating in a safe, supportive and compassionate community

This $29, two-hour workshop will have every participant leave feel seen, heard and celebrated. Register today!

Molly Hillig Rodriguez, RN, BSN, MPH, Relationship Coach.

Molly loves life and feels fulfilled when those around her are successful. Her personal dedication is to share her knowledge of relationships, dating, and living a radiant life. Her belief is, “if we dedicate ourselves to a deeper yearning and are not afraid to make mistakes, then we create the relationships we want.” When we have great relationships with ourselves, our home and work performance thrives and as a result, our communities thrive. Molly understands the biology, physiology, and emotionality behind strong and healthy relationships, it is more than just "communication.” Molly recognizes the belief and behavioral systems that hold humans back from what they want - love and connection.