Happily After Baby?

Sunday February 4th
7:00 - 8:30 PM
$25.00 - Single Pass
$40.00 - Partner Pass

One of the biggest changes we experience after our precious baby is placed in our arms is in our relationships. Whether it's a spouse, older child, parent, sibling or best friend - the change can be subtle or very abrupt.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to become more mindful in their present or future relationships. Participants can personally choose whether to focus on their relationships with a romantic partner, a close friend, a family member or choose a broader view of focusing on any and all relationships in their life.

Together we'll learn tools for better communication, identify our Love Language and create goals for 2018  and beyond. 


Happily After Baby? will be led and presented by Daisy De La Cruz, Integrative Health Coach from Sana Mente Health


Daisy is a Wife, Mom and Certified Integrative Health Coach working to help women improve their health and well-being in simple and attainable ways. Daisy guides clients to raise awareness, identify the change they want to make, gradually remove barriers and implement new practices. With the knowledge that there’s no such thing as perfect, Daisy encourages women to allow for mistakes in parenting, while finding balance and joy in the little things. Most important, she co-creates a personalized plan of action that supports their short and long term goals – at their pace.

Daisy received her training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She runs her own health coaching practice and is active in the community. Daisy is passionate about empowering women through miscarriage, pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood & beyond. It is her core belief that happy and healthy moms raise happy and healthy kids.