Seasonal Self Care for Spring

Saturday May 5th
1:00 - 3:00 PM

Do you need a night off? A night to relax and connect back with your Self?  

Join Sarah Canga LAc: Women's Holistic Health Specialist at ohmMother Yoga for a special evening of Yogapuncture.

Each Seasonal Self Care workshop includes a yoga practice, a seasonal acupuncture treatment and a short lecture on how to apply Chinese Medicine to what is happening in our lives environmentally. Yoga postures are tailored to the current season and are accessible to beginner and seasoned students. 

Spring is the time of renewal. When we look to the environment everything begins to sprout and bloom and so does our internal energy. The liver/gall bladder system is most active in Spring according to Chinese Medicine. We will explore seasonal eating and how to support the body in cleansing (maybe not how you think!) and the emotion of anger and how to let it go and/or use it as a tool for forward movement. Yoga postures will help to open the liver and gall bladder channels of the body with a focus on boosting circulation and deep stretches to release the tendons of the body which are controlled by the liver/gall bladder system. Acupressure for the eyes and sinuses will also be incorporated into our practice. 

Class starts with a short discussion of Chinese Medicine and the winter season which leads into a yoga practice and winds down to an acupuncture treatment. We end class with a seasonal treat and tea. 

This class is open to anyone. No previous yoga or acupuncture experience required.  

There are only 8 Spaces available, please register in advance!

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