Sunday Evening Savasana

Sunday October 7th @ 7:00 PM

Besides being everyone's favorite pose, it is the most important pose in yoga.

No yoga practice is complete without it.

These reasons and more are why our studio is offering an evening practice dedicated to the one and only, Savasana.

Join Liz Gregerson for a gentle, beginner friendly yoga class that will set you up for a deep, relaxing and extra long Savasana.

If you have never practiced yoga before, Savasana is the very last post of any practice. In Savasana you lay still on your mat, often times supported by props, for at least five minutes. Since Savasana is the focus of this workshop, we will rest in Savasana for a longer period of time.  You do not need to accomplish anything in Savasana besides allowing your body to rest and digest the effects of your practice. Some people may meditate, focus on their breathing, visualize a relaxing place etc - but that is not required. 

ohmMother Yoga will supply all the support props and tools you may need to practice yoga and rest in Savasana. 

Please register below and email with any questions, thank you! Namaste.