Sweet Dreams Little One

Saturday February 3rd
5:30 - 6:15 pm
$15 - Per Parent with Child

Join ohmMother Yoga for a special Little One's Yoga Workshop!

Bring your little one and their favorite stuffed animal or doll for a sweet, sleepy time, before bed yoga practice. We will practice poses together to release energy and wind down while connecting one on one. Our main goal is to have fun and learn easy techniques to try at home for bedtime relaxation. 

This workshop is geared towards 'older' Little Ones and will be best for one caregiver and child, two years or older. Enjoy this special individual time with your Little One, they will absolutely love spending this one on one time with you!

Don't forget to have your Little One bring their favorite stuffed animal or doll, we will be incorporating their 'love-y' in our practice!

Please reach out with any questions, we hope to see you and your Little one soon!