Visions for the New Year

Vision Board Workshop

Sunday January 20th

6:30 - 8:30 PM

$22 - materials will be provided, but please bring any special pictures or items you would like to include


Join us for an evening of creativity, community and inspiration at...

ohmMother Yoga's Visions for the New Year - Vision Board Workshop

We will start the evening with a simple breathing and mediation exercise. The brief meditation will be aimed to help you truly connect with your guiding inner voice and help you see the future you imagine for yourself clearly, and calmly. 

We will spend the rest of the evening designing our vision boards. A vision board is a widely used way to visualize, focus and imagine what you want for your life. You can concentrate on a vision for your family, your career, your spiritual path, for the year ahead, or even for the future of our world. Your vision board is a safe, sacred space for you to create how you want your life to 'be.' A vision board is less about material possessions, and more about how you want your life and your Self to feel. 

At the end of the night we will hold space to look at our vision boards and connect with the hope we have for the future. Every participant is encouraged to take their vision board board home and put it in a place they can see everyday. Hopefully when you walk past your vision board, you will remember how you felt making it and discover how those goals and dreams you visualized are manifesting in your life. 

Please contact us with any questions, we hope to see you there!