One of the foundations of ohmMother Yoga is the belief that a group of women sitting in a room sharing their hearts is a powerful thing, and it just might change the world. Now, we are putting that belief into action. Introducing ...

The Women's Circle at ohmMother Yoga

What a Women's Circle is...

  • A Women's Circle is a gathering of women, from all walks of life, coming together to create community

  • The discussion includes, but is not limited to, sharing our struggles, our successes, our stories and our experiences

  • Women can expect to share their hearts in a safe, non judgmental space that exists solely for us to support each other

What a Women's Circle is NOT...

  • A space to promote or solicit sales for a business

  • A space for judgment or gossip

  • There is no 'leader' of the group, we are all in this together. As the group continues to evolve we hope to share the responsibilities of opening and closing each meeting.

Meetings will be held monthly at ohmMother Yoga, the cost is $10 to attend. Our next event is Sunday January 27th @ 7 PM.

Please contact us with any questions. Space is limited, please register in advance below - thank you for your support!